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Welcome to the Overkill guild website. OverKill was formed on 1/24/11 by guild master WickedVixen aka MyShell. Recently OverKill took a little break but now it's back and we will make it once again a great guild.

[X] Overkill takes time to help each member grow to his or her fullest but we also expect each person to be independent and strong. Don't always expect others to help you threw something first try it on your own and then ask for help. The upper levels have things to do to so try to find people in alethius to help who are doing the same quest ext... Alethius is a team we are not against one another. So work with others to make it further in the game. 

[X] OverKill frowns upon pkers of their own nation. Their are many disadvantages to this read up on it. Alethius is a team we are against other nations and not our own. We expect you to defend yourself but don't be the starter of immature acts against your own nation. Work with our nation don't divide it. If you have a agreement with someone to duel or defend that is one thing.


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We are back!

WickedVixen-Pally, Jun 6, 11 9:55 PM.
Overkill is back and ready for action. Help recruit, help level players, and get guild points. Come on let's work together to grow OverKill to it's fullest ability.

MIA until further notice

WickedVixen-Pally, Mar 16, 11 12:01 PM.
Hey everyone! Hope someone comes and reads this thing every once in awhile. My internet went down Monday night and their having trouble getting it back up. I have a new internet provider coming Friday which is the earliest they can get here. Until then I'm hoping this other gets resolved asap in the meantime. I can't post on the forum from my phone. But I can get on my facebook. So feel free to add me and just shoot me a email telling me who ya are so I know :-) Hopefully I'm back on before friday :-/ if not I trust everyone will level up until then and stay together :-) I'll talk to you all soon!

- MyShell/Wickedvixen

Tuesday is Battlefield day!!!!

WickedVixen-Pally, Mar 13, 11 9:50 AM.
On tuesday 3/15/11 we will have a battlefield event prior to the GM BattleField even which starts at 4pm pst (6pm Central) So about 3pm pst I'd like to see as many people as possible online and ready to battle for honor, gold, and blood ;-)

Let's all work together to get our honor gear!!!!!

- MyShell


WickedVixen-Pally, Feb 25, 11 9:46 AM.
Tomorrow Saturday Feb. 26th at NOON pst I will be setting up a battlefield room and look forward to EVERYONE on to join. Let's get our honor points up for honor gear, weapons, and jewlery. It will also give everyone some decent PVP experiance. I'll be inviting a few other guilds to join us. Look forward to seeing everyone on the battlefield.

Don't know what time pst is? The main aika site has a clock on the top right had side. You can find the differance in time there or you can visit HERE and hope it helps you figure out the differance.

TeamSpeak 3 (win-32)

WickedVixen-Pally, Feb 23, 11 7:41 PM.
The guilds Teamspeak 3 server is set up find the info in the forums.
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